PikaCRM Overview

PikaCRM is an easy, intuitive and light software of customer relationship management.


  • Manage customer information
  • Link customer contacts
  • Save the profile image and the business card of contacts
  • Record or schedule customer events
  • Record orders
  • Manage merchandises
  • Input a custom field
  • Import/Export csv files
  • Simple data print
  • Encrypt your data
  • Backup and Restore database


  • Easy used, direct accessed。
  • Expending light resources。
  • Running on single computer without network。
  • On multi-platform:
    • Ubuntu portable
    • Windows portable
    • Linux portable
  • Using Sqlite without installing other database
  • Exporting csv file to another software

The customers function:

The contacts function and the search: 

Save the profile image and the business card of contacts:

The Events function and the export function:

The orders function:

The merchandises function and the import function: