PikaCRM Beta1 Releases

PikaCRM Beta1 Releases。 It can run on these platform:

Ubuntu 10.04, 9.04
Windows XP, 7, Vista

It is 32-bit portable。

Please reference:

Tutorial(on writing)

The database file, PikaCRM.sqlite place in:

Windows: Data\ in the same directory with the executed file
Linux: in ~/.PikaCRM/Data/

The Database file is may be encrypted by user. Without encrypt, it can be accessed by any other software in Sqlite database type. Ex: Firefox Addon SQLite Manager. Encrypted database files can only be accessed by PikaCRM.

In Linux version, to remember the password needs the permission of accessing the hard disk serial number. If encrypted files are copy to other computers, the encrypted files will be different with different serial numbers. It can avoid embezzlement by someone.